"The presentation was very structured and focused on the latest industry trends."

Impression Networking Dinner

"Services tailored for senior level executives"

Impression Networking Dinner

"The topic was very interesting and at the pulse of time. Also the discussion was very lively and enriched my work."

Impression Networking Dinner

"Meet other senior level executives in a protected environment."

Impression Networking Dinner

"Senior executives – face to face"

Impression Networking Dinner

"Start building sustainable business relationships face to face."

Impression Networking Dinner
Impression Networking Dinner

"This “open connectivity” really fosters the sharing of new raw ideas – potentially seeds for a real collaborative business opportunity."

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"Executives of different cultures and regions are meeting at GEN Executive Dinners."

Impression Networking Dinner

"I will GEN!"

Impression Networking Dinner
Impression Networking Dinner

GEN - The Global Executive Network is a global provider of high-quality Executive Events for senior business professionals, covering current trends for industry-focused and management-related topics.

The company operates in more than 90 countries and has achieved an excellent reputation. Each year, more than 10,000 senior management guests of The Global Fortune 15.000 Companies participate in GEN’s Executive Events.

More than 1,000 events covering over 50 different subjects are offered every year.

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Over 5,000 samples of Executive Event impressions from literally around the world.

All pictures have been exclusively taken at Executive Events of GEN.


What is the value for me to attend an Executive Event?

A GEN Executive event affords you the opportunity to experience peer-to-peer discussions with other high caliber executive attendees over 4–5 hours in a private high quality content environment.

  • Meet your peers on your career level (for Customer Service, Communications, Operations, Finance, Sales, HR, Procurement, Marketing, Logistics, Risk, Compliance, Audit, Technology etc.)
  • Enjoy excellent company and take away your individual high quality content.
  • Validate your strategies and expand your contacts in a topic driven peer to peer environment.
  • Meet key influencers and decision makers, either cross industry or industry focused.
  • Boost your business career by getting the latest insights and how-to knowledge.
  • Experience top notch service teams in outstanding locations

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The Professional Council of GEN - The Global Executive Network monitors the professional quality of the Events. The principal goals are to refine the topic contents and to recognize new trends in their early stages so that they can be developed quickly into Events. This means that GEN - The Global Executive Network Events are always extremely market-relevant.


Reserve now for your Executive Chauffeur Service!

Your time is valuable. Our service is designed especially for you. We’ll pick you up before the event, when and where you want to be picked up, and take you home or to your next stop after it’s over, provided you’re a team manager, department or division manager, or Board member.

For you this round-trip service is free of charge within a 30 mls radius from our event hotel. You must make » your reservation a minimum of three days before the event.


Global Custom Events – tailored to your needs

GCE – Global Custom Events is a division of GEN – The Global Executive Network. GCE operates in over 60 cities around the globe, working for leading global brands as well as mid-size companies. GCE has lots of experience, having executed several thousand events for corporate clients over the past 26 years.


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